ferNando stone creations

Modell Aero

Against the background of two light-coloured cubic stone blocks, a dark stone cylinder, moistened by water, creates a playful contrast. The bubbling water inside the cylindrical tube recreates the sound of a gurgling stream.

Light and the movement of the water produce an endless play of shadows which is enhanced by the water spray on the inside of the glass cube serving as a splash guard.

Technical details

  • Quartzite cylindrical tube for producing sound effects; additional second ring on the outside to allow a variety of different lighting possibilities of the water feature (shown in photos with coloured lights)
  • Concealed jet nozzle
  • Water pump with enhanced performance
  • Water flow between pump and nozzle is adjustable
  • Glass splash guard

Optional features:

  • LED lighting of water nozzle unit; white, dimmable
  • LED lighting of water nozzle unit; red, green and blue, mixable and dimmable