ferNando stone creations

Modell Quell

Water bubbling vivaciously from its source the embodiment of life and existence. This idea is strikingly conveyed through the fountain's distinctly defined features.

Listening to the gently soothing sounds of the water, one is magically transported to the banks of a peaceful forest stream.

Technical details:

  • Four juxtaposed cubic blocks of different heights with drilled holes to collect overflowing water
  • Water flow between pump and nozzle is adjustable
  • Sound pattern of individual cubic blocks can be adjusted by means of glass sheet inserts

Optional features:

  • Drilled holes can be fitted with LED lights (adjustable height, white, dimmable)
  • LED lights in the central stone blocks are also available in red, green and blue (mixable and dimmable)

Float glass case around central stone blocks to enhance the interplay of water and light; glass frame approx. 12 cm high