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Stone fountains

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ferNando stone creations

The clear-cut style of the fountains calls for a corresponding commitment to the highest quality standards:

  • Powder-coated chrome water basin resists corrosion
  • High-quality water pump guarantees minimum sound emission and low power consumption
  • All water-conducting components are produced from high-quality
    anti-corrosion materials
  • Both the materials used and the construction of the water basin and other components are designed to minimise maintenance
  • Good water aeration and high-quality materials ensure consistently superior water quality over a long period of time

Standard features of type 70 fountain

  • Powder-coated chrome water basin, approximately 70 cm x 70 cm x 20 cm, holds around 75 litres
  • Standard, powder-coated chrome base plate for all models
  • High-quality water pump
  • Cubic quartzite blocks, sand-blasted on two sides
  • Powder coatings are available in different colours according to samples
  • Lighting with dimmable, energy-saving LED lamps and a timer
  • Electronics are protected by residual current device (RCD)
  • Chrome base frame with large support plate

Optional features:

  • LED lights are also available in different colours
  • Cubic stone fountains can essentially be delivered in sizes ranging from
    50 cm x 50 cm (type 50) up to 140 x 140 cm (type 140), with proportions remaining identical
  • Custom designs may be commissioned




Youthfully exuberant, carefree and just a little loud, playful and ever changing – this water feature expresses pure joy of living. The infusion of air into the water add particular buoyancy to this joyful dance. The glass frame sets limits to the movements.
Movement prevails.


The observer is at the same time the agent at the centre of the action. As the observer, you can take a visual plunge in the water-filled plate with the arena composition. As the agent, you determine the height of the waterfalls – and thus the sound pattern – by adjusting glass sheets inside the cubic blocks. Colours add to the magic. This water feature irresistibly draws your attention, engaging your mind, heart and actions.
Individuality and playfulness.


Forces and a struggle for power; action and change. The piston rings are an indicator of the steady guidance by the piston cylinder, symbolising exertion, investment of know-how and strength, and fierce competitiveness. Innovation inexorably entails hard work, vision and persuasiveness. The economic engine requires different resources; these differences are reflected in the varying heights of the cubic blocks. The flow of water guarantees continuity. Enchanting, challenging, changing.
Dynamism dominates.


The pyramid symbolises development, with the glass sheets representing the different phases of life. At the same time, the tapering shape depicts a mountain. Reaching extreme heights requires particular strength. The gentle, subtle sounds are determined by the size of the glass sheet: the smaller and higher up a sheet, the lighter and more restrained the sound. The rays of light permeating the sheets result in the final composition, the whole – the pyramid. The dripping and flowing water keeps languor at bay.
Sense and sensuality.


The energy silently flows from various sources. The intrinsic strength and power are of a magical calm. Differences are visible, but the overall balance and steady flow are predominant. The low glass case emphasises the crucial significance of this flow of energy.
Eternity and balance.



Pure relaxation – calming your mind and soothing your soul. The gently undulating sound of the water evokes an unencumbered atmosphere. The different heights of the stone cubes suggest a change in perception. With knowledge being accumulated, the steps become smaller and the sound more uniform.
Expansion of space.


The Matterhorn – a Swiss landmark conveying magical mysticism. The mountain in the foreground represents modern times, the present. The new is supported by the ancient; consensus reigns, ensuring a common future. Light falls on the permanent.

The Swiss cross is the symbol of the country's four cultures and language regions, which are held together by federalism. The love of our country and the love of the diversity within are both fascinating and uniting. Differences between the various regions have been alluded to. The steel element linking the four cultures symbolises the strength of a union that has grown stronger over time. The centre light between the four regions stands for the federal constitution, the enduring basis of a political edifice. It is a light of tolerance, respect, justice and mutual recognition. The four glass elements are arranged in such a way that the light permeates all around, symbolising Switzerland's openness towards the world.
Federal unity.



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